Why is it that no matter which member of my family is sick, stressed or has something going on, I am the one who can’t sleep. My little one has been running a fever off & on all week but sleep doesn’t elude him. My oldest will be in her first role on the actual stage next week (usually she does tech), where is she? Passed out. My loving, hard working husband had his whole weekend plan for work totally re arranged and he’s probably snoring up a storm in his truck as I write. I however can not get my over worked, over stressed bi-polar brain to shut down long enough to sleep. It’s crazy because as soon as I wake up every morning, I’m ready to go back to sleep. As my day progresses the one thing I look forward to the most is going to sleep. I find myself canceling plans with friends so I can sleep. Sleeping seems to be my coping mechanism now a days and I can’t cope if I can’t sleep. I feel like a junkie with the amount of Benadryl I’ve taken lately(honestly though it’s like a two a night maybe twice a week). I’ve started to learn to push past what feels like total exhaustion & power forward. I actually  asked my husband if we could rent a hotel room for valentines weekend and just sleep all weekend. No cleaning, no interruptions just 72 hours of unintrupted sleep. I’m starting to realize that we all crave what we can’t have & what we think we are lacking the most. I am blessed with amazing kiddos, great friends & family and a very patient husband maybe if I remember those things my brain will realize it’s all going to be ok and sleep will find me. Until then I’ll be falling in love with sparkly, moody vampires & cuddling with my dog.