Why does a piece of crappy paper run everything? Wether we can go on family vacation, pay our bills or even get through a day without an argument over something that should be so minimal. Denying my kids opportunities because I don’t “work hard enough” kills a little piece of me. My husband works away from home 90% of the year and I hate it but it’s a sacrifice we make as parents to make money to support our family. Now don’t get me wrong money does buy nice things like shelter, a car, electricity but it causes more headaches then I can count. I look forward to the times when we can pay our bills (on time) and still have money left in our account but those times are few & far between. These days you have to take a loan out on your home to go to the movies, the zoo or even get a decent dinner out. It frustrates me to the point that I asked my parents if I could be twelve again and move back home. The answer as you can guess was NO! I just wish opportunities were based on how hard you work, how appreciative you are to get them and what you do in the future once your afforded them. I guess what I’m saying is money sucks but we can’t really live without it. I may never be able to jump on a private jet and take my kids to Rome, Cairo or even Alaska but I will keep working as hard as I can to give my kids what they need. One day my husband will be home with us every night, my kiddos will make it into college and I can finally take a breath. Until then money may still cause problems but I vow to try and take a step back & realize how lucky I am to have my “happy”/healthy family.